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WHO Western Pacific Region's New Director, Dr. Saia Ma'u Piukala, Visited Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2024-04-01
On March 21, 2024, Dr. Saia Ma'u Piukala, the newly appointed World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for the Western Pacific, visited the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC). Prof. Shen Hongbing, the Director General of China CDC welcomed the delegation.
Prof. Shen commenced by warmly congratulating Dr. Piukala on his recent appointment in February, expressing a heartfelt welcome to the WHO delegation. He lauded the robust partnership between China CDC and WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, acknowledging the significant accomplishments achieved together in numerous public health areas. Shen expressed steadfast support for WHO's pivotal role in leading and coordinating global health initiatives. Furthermore, Shen briefly outlined the current reform status of China's CDC system, its future development objectives, and plans, proposing collaborative initiatives in areas of mutual interest to WHO. In conclusion, Prof. Shen emphasized China's commitment to global health, highlighting its active participation in global health governance, bolstered by domestic disease prevention and control efforts. He expressed hope for further expansion and deepening of exchange and cooperation with WHO, particularly with the Regional Office for the Western Pacific, using WHO Collaborating Centers as a nexus to contribute towards enhancing good health and well-being and building a global health community.
Dr. Piukala expressed sincere appreciation for Prof. Shen's warm and thorough reception and commended the Chinese government's significant contributions to safeguarding global health during the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside China CDC's vital role as a key partner and technical mainstay. He looked forward to intensifying collaboration with China CDC in strategic areas such as integrated health development, health system development, climate change and health, and preparedness for future pandemics.
Following their discussions, Prof. Shen and Dr. Piukala jointly watered the "Cooperation Tree" planted between China CDC and WHO in 2011. Dr. Piukala's visit also included keen tours of the National Influenza Center and the Museum of Disease Vectors, underscoring the visit's productive and cordial nature.

Prof. Shen and Dr. Piukala Exchange Gifts[Photo/chinacdc.cn]
Group Photo[Photo/chinacdc.cn]
Prof. Shen and Dr. Piukala Water the China CDC-WHO "Cooperation Tree"[Photo/chinacdc.cn]
Tour of the National Influenza Center[Photo/chinacdc.cn]

Visit to the Museum of Disease Vectors[Photo/chinacdc.cn]