• 15, 2023

    What to do about tooth loss?

    Tooth loss can cause many problems, such as difficulties in chewing and speaking. If left untreated for an extended period, it may cause adjacent teeth to displace and become loose. Over time, the upper and lower jawbone, as well as soft tissue, will gradually shrink.

  • 12, 2023

    Beware of rotavirus infection in autumn

    As autumn arrives, infants and children are more likely to suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. That means rotavirus acute gastroenteritis (commonly known as rotavirus diarrhea or autumn diarrhea) is back again.

  • 05, 2023

    What do healthy teeth look like?

  • 01, 2023

    Things you need to know about mpox (II)

    Do mpox cases need to be treated in isolation? Suspected and confirmed cases of mpox should be promptly transported to medical institutions for isolation and treatment. If their clinical symptoms improve significantly and the lesions have scabbed, they can opt to stay at home until the scabs fall.

  • 31, 2023

    Things you need to know about mpox (I)

  • 25, 2023

    Flood Safety & Health Tips

  • 16, 2023

    Things you need to know about postbiotics

  • 28, 2023

    Things you need to know about postbiotics

    In simple terms, postbiotics referto the metabolites of probiotics after processing, including the remains of dead probiotic cells and their metabolic byproducts.

  • 14, 2023

    Tips for healthy swimming in summer

    A rising number of people have shown interest in swimming because it can enhance their cardiorespiratory endurance and physical flexibility, as well as improve their body-fat ratios.

  • 07, 2023

    Tips on repelling mosquitoes at home

    The following are some of the recommended ways to prevent mosquito bites at home during the summer.