• 24, 2023

    What should you eat when you are infected with Influenza A (sore throat, headache, runny nose, eye pain, photophobia)?

    Influenza is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by the influenza virus. It occurs frequently in spring and winter, spreads rapidly, has a high incidence rate and a short epidemic period, resulting in easy outbreaks. Among them, the influenza A virus is the main pathogen of human influenza, and is prone to mutation.

  • 22, 2023

    World Water Day: Saving water in households

    The 31st World Water Day kicked off on March 22, with the following week from March 22-28 marking the 36th China Water Week. We should enhance awareness of water conservation and fulfill our responsibilities in reducing water waste.

  • 21, 2023

    Facts about iodine

    Many people think that the recent increase in the occurrence of thyroid disease is directly related to insufficient consumption of iodized salt.

  • 17, 2023

    Facts about allergies

    Allergies are result of the immune system overreaction, and not directly related to a person's immunity level. That is, allergies are not caused by immunodeficiency.

  • 16, 2023

    Sudden death: Risk factors

    Sudden death can be one of the most serious diseases in human beings. In the eyes of many people, sudden death is unpredictable, but in fact there are certain risk factors that may cause the disease.

  • 14, 2023

    Learn about influenza A

    Influenza viruses are divided into four types: A, B, C, and D. Influenza A is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by the type A virus. The population is generally susceptible to the virus, which is highly contagious. Compared with influenza B, influenza A virus has many hosts in nature and is more prone to mutation. Many large-scale outbreaks of influenza (flu) in history are related to influenza A.

  • 10, 2023

    Prevention and control of childhood asthma

    Bronchial asthma is a heterogeneous disease characterized by chronic airway inflammation. The main clinical manifestations are frequent wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath, which usually occur at night and/or in the early morning. In the past 20 years,the prevalence of childhood asthma in China has shown a significant upward trend.

  • 07, 2023

    Family prevention tips on norovirus

  • 03, 2023

    How to deal with influenza A?

    Some schools in Beijing and Shanghai have seen an increase in the number of fever patients recently, while health authorities in Hebei, Anhui and other provinces have also detected a rise in influenza A infection.

  • 02, 2023

    Prevention and control of infectious diseases in spring

    As students are back to school, disease prevention and control centers around the country have noticed that influenza, particularly the influenza A virus, is spreading rapidly in China. In addition, the number of students infected with norovirus has also increased.