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Workshop Hosted by China CDC Weekly

chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2024-04-18
On April 2, 2024, a workshop was held at Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, hosted by The China CDC Weekly, aimed at improving surveillance data dissemination and academic papers publication. The workshop was attended by leaders of the center's affiliated institutes and relevant departments. Director Shen Hongbing participated in the discussions, and Deputy Director Shi Xiaoming presided over the meeting.
Zhao Chihong, the Executive Editor-in-Chief of The Weekly and Director of the Academic Publishing Department, introduced the publication's development history and presented the publication status of the center’s surveillance data. Department officials outlined their surveillance systems. The discussion revolved around the systems’ operation, data collection and organization, as well as the possibilities and expected directions for further exploration, analysis, and publication, sparking dialogue among attendees.
In his closing statement, Shen Hongbing, Editor-in-Chief of The China CDC Weekly and Director of China CDC, recognized the achievements of the publication in the last four years. He attributed its success not only to strong support from center departments but also stressed the need for collaborative efforts across the entire center for continued growth. Shen highlighted China CDC's ample public health surveillance resources and identified a deficiency in organizing, analyzing, summarizing, and exploring historical surveillance data. He emphasized the significance of utilizing surveillance data for comprehensive analysis, research, and timely publication. Shen called for clear delineation of responsibilities for data organization and research and active use of The Weekly for sharing primary domestic research data, disseminating key surveillance findings, and strengthening China’s public health voice. Lastly, it was hoped that post-meeting, all relevant departments would keep close communication with The Weekly to effectively advance the organization, mining, and regular dissemination of surveillance data. This effort aims to provide data support for national public health policy-making, enhance the center's professional influence, and establish authoritative status in the industry.