chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2022-01-05
The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (or the China CDC) is a national-level technical organization under the National Health Commission that specializes in disease control and prevention and public health. 
Our responsibilities are:
1. To carry out work on disease prevention and control, public health emergency response, environmental and occupational health, nutritional health, elder health, women and children’s health, radiation health and school health, and provide technical support and advice for the formulation of public health laws, regulations, policies, plans and programs;
2. To formulate technical plans and guidelines on national public health prevention and control, undertake comprehensive management of health standards and related matters, provide guidance for laboratory biosafety and technical support for patriotic health campaigns as well as technical support for the implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, and carry out work on health education, knowledge dissemination and promotion;
3. To carry out surveillance of infectious diseases, chronic diseases, occupational diseases, public health emergencies and adverse reactions to vaccinations; investigate major public health issues and conduct risk assessment on hazards; study, formulate and implement intervention measures; and manage a disease control information system and technical support for big data application services;
4. To undertake preparedness and responses to major outbreaks and public health emergencies, formulate technical specifications for epidemiological investigation and hygienic treatment of food safety accidents, guide the investigation of local public health emergencies, conduct epidemiological investigation of food safety accidents; and undertake technical reviews of new products related to drinking water and new disinfection products;
5. To carry out key scientific research and technological development for disease prevention and control, emergency response and public health, disseminate new theories, technologies and methods, and promote scientific and technological innovation and development;
6. To provide the graduate programs, continuing education and professional and technical training in public health;
7. To guide the implementation of local plans and programs on disease prevention and control, provide professional guidance to local CDCs and participate in professional and technical assessment and evaluation;
8. To carry out global public health activities and international exchanges and cooperation on public health, and implement international aid tasks;
9.To undertake other tasks entrusted by the National Health Commission.