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UNICEF Representative to China, Ms. Amakobe Sande, and Delegation Visit China CDC

chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2024-04-03
On March 20, 2024, Ms. Amakobe Sande, the UNICEF Representative to China, accompanied by her delegation, visited the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC). The visit was warmly welcomed by Prof. Shen Hongbing, the Director General of China CDC.
Prof. Shen began by expressing his sincere welcome to Ms. Sande and her team, commending the strong partnership between the China CDC and UNICEF. He appreciated the substantial achievements made by both parties in various public health areas. He then briefly outlined the current reforms in China's disease control system and the strategic planning of China CDC. Prof. Shen proposed initial ideas for cooperation in areas of interest to UNICEF. He concluded by expressing his hopes through enhancing communication and cooperation with UNICEF to improve the institutional disease control capabilities, expand the international perspective, share China's experiences, and increase China's voice in global public health platform.
Ms. Sande expressed her gratitude for the sincere and longstanding cooperation between UNICEF and China CDC over the past forty years, highly praising the Chinese government's emphasis on disease control and prevention. She looked forward to jointly promoting the annual work plan with China CDC, overcoming the bottlenecks in current projects, and deepening collaboration in areas of child injury prevention, climate change and health, South-South cooperation, and talent exchange and development.
Prof. Shen sends a gift to Ms. Amakobe Sande[Photo/chinacdc.cn]