China, US CDCs hold video conference | Updated: 2023-08-02
The centers for disease control and prevention of China and the United States held the 25th virtual technical exchange meeting themed on "Malaria Surveillance and Prevention and Control" on July 13, Beijing time. 
Around 30 people, including technical experts from the National Institute of Parasitic Diseases of the China CDC, and experts from the US, attended the meeting.
Chinese experts introduced the cooperation between China and Tanzania in malaria prevention and control with a focus on the China-Tanzania malaria control pilot project, cooperative demonstration projects, and the opportunities and challenges presented by these projects. 
Then they briefed the attendees on the molecular surveillance projects conducted by the China CDC in South Africa and Sierra Leone, including the China-Sierra Leone malaria genetic epidemiology project and the molecular mapping of malaria parasites in South Africa and surrounding countries.
The experts from the US introduced the strategic goals, key areas of cooperation, investments, and current progress of the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) in Tanzania. They also presented the vision, goals, partners and current support for training in various surveillance points in Africa for the Partnership for Antimalarial Resistance Monitoring in Africa (PARMA) network.
Experts from both sides discussed potential solutions to improving malaria diagnosis and treatment capabilities and explored ways to enhance the cooperation model between Chinese and American technical teams in African countries.