Professor Patrick L. Kinney gives academic lecture at China CDC | Updated: 2023-12-08
Professor Patrick L. Kinney from the School of Public Health at Boston University visited the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) and gave an academic lecture on Nov 1, 2023, at the invitation of Shi Xiaoming, deputy director general of China CDC.
The lecture was themed on "Quantitative Research on the Health Benefits of Air Pollution Prevention and Control Policies."
Professor Patrick L. Kinney reviewed classic case studies in the field of air pollution and health in his lecture, and explained the concept of accountability, accountability research, and its application in the study of air pollution and health. By citing the project of "Accounting for the health benefits of air pollution regulations in China, 2008–2019", conducted by the Health Effects Institute of the United States, he deepened the audience's understanding of the importance of air pollution control.
After the lecture, participants engaged in discussions with Professor Kinney about quantitative methods for assessing the improvement in air quality resulting from emission reduction measures, as well as controlling confounding factors in health effects studies.
This event helped raise awareness and understanding among participants regarding the impact of air pollution prevention and control policies on public health. It also provided valuable research methods and guidance for scientific and operational work in the field of environment and health.
The event was attended by researchers, graduate students, and other staff from the headquarters of the China CDC and its affiliated units.
Professor Patrick L. Kinney is a renowned researcher in the field of climate change and health. He established and directed the first climateand health program in the United States at Columbia University, and has led environmental and household air pollution research in Africa and China. He has also been involved in the Harvard Six Cities Study on the impact of air pollution on children's lung function.

Professor Patrick L. Kinney gives an academic lecture at the China CDC on Nov 1, 2023. [Photo/]
Shi Xiaoming, deputy director general of the China CDC, presents a commemorative gift to Professor Patrick L. Kinney on Nov 1, 2023. [Photo/]