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The Center Launches Task Force for Information Technology Construction

chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2024-03-19
On March 11, 2024, the Information Technology Construction Task Force of the Center was officially launched at the Changping Park. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Director Yan Jun, with Director Shen Hongbing delivering a speech and nearly 50 members of the task force in attendance.
Director Shen Hongbing pointed out that the formation of the IT Construction Task Force is a specific measure to implement the "Guidelines on Promoting High-Quality Development of the Disease Prevention and Control Initiative," which is crucial for supporting and ensuring the development of the Center. The IT construction of the Center should follow the principles of "dual unity" and "dual coordination," focusing on intensive construction and integrated advancement to drive the informatization transformation and upgrade. This includes fostering mechanism innovation to facilitate data sharing services, maintaining network and data security, integrating scattered information resources, revitalizing data assets, activating data elements, and comprehensively establishing a public health big data center.
Director Shen emphasized that the Task Force needs to fully leverage its role in overall coordination to develop technical solutions that meet the needs of all parties and can be effectively implemented, thus contributing to the Center's goal of a preliminary digital and intelligent disease prevention and control system by 2030. Deputy Director Yan Jun and Chief Expert Ma Jiaqi delivered reports on the Task Force's work requirements and the overall scheme for the Center's informatization construction, respectively.