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Editorial Board Symposium for the 35th Anniversary of BES was Held by the Department of Academic Publishing

chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2024-01-19
On December 27, 2023, the Editorial Board Symposium for the 35th anniversary of Biomedical and Environmental Sciences (BES) was successfully held in Beijing. The symposium was hosted by Professor Zhao Wenhua, Chief Editor of BES. Prominent attendees included Academician Shen Hongbing, Director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC), Academician Chen Junshi, General Consultant of the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, and Professor Shi Xiaoming, Deputy Director of the China CDC. Editorial board members in Beijing, leaders from various departments of the China CDC, and experts and scholars from its institutes gathered to discuss the history, current status, and future of BES.
Academician Shen Hongbing, on behalf of the China CDC, expressed gratitude to all experts for their care and support to BES. He reminisced about the outstanding contributions made by the editor-in-chief Chen Chunming to BES and public health. Academician Shen first fully acknowledged the publishing achievements of BES and its role in advancing the discipline of public health in China. He then expressed earnest hopes for the future development of BES, emphasizing the need to seize the historical opportunity presented by the ongoing reform of the national disease control system. He advocated a commitment to heritage and innovation, and full mobilization of academic resources, making more active contributions to the academic development in public health.
Academician Chen Junshi fondly recalled the publication history of BES, detailing its founding intentions and the origins of its name, as well as the selfless dedication and outstanding contributions of the first editor-in-chief, Chen Chunming. In light of current disciplinary developments and technological advancements, Academician  Chen expressed his hope that in this new era and phase of development, BES should maintain an international perspective, continuously strive to enhance its influence, and remain a platform for academic exchange among scholars both in China and abroad.
Deputy Director Shi Xiaoming emphasized that the English publications sponsored by the China CDC are a vital showcase of China's scientific research capabilities to the international community. He hoped that BES would fully leverage its strengths as a comprehensive journal, actively encouraging academic support from the disease control system, research institutions, and universities. Additionally, he wished for the editorial team to focus on key areas in this new phase of development, using the journal as a conduit to further enhance the vibrancy of academic exchanges.
Professor Zhang Qun highlighted the distinctive features of the disciplines covered in BES and the distribution characteristics of its high-impact papers. The attending experts expressed their affirmation of BES, providing practical and valuable suggestions on issues such as publication cycles, special issues, reviewer selection, online publication, and research hot spots.
Coinciding with the transition from the old year to the new, the successful organization of Editorial Board Symposium for the 35th anniversary provided fresh momentum for high-quality development in the upcoming year. BES will continue to promote the progress of disciplines in public health in China, making a more substantial contribution to the development of disease control.