Heads of China and US CDCs hold virtual meeting on cooperation

chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2023-12-26
Shen Hongbing, director general of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC), held talks with his US counterpart Mandy K. Cohen over the prospects of cooperation between the Chinese and US CDCs and relevant technical issues in a virtual meeting on Dec 13.
Shen said that the Chinese and US CDCs have maintained a long-term partnership, engaged in a series of fruitful exchanges in preventing infections of communicable diseases and the threat of other diseases, as well as in further advancing global health security.
Shen noted that the China-US CDCs Video Matchmaking Meeting for Technical Exchanges has become a major platform for experts of the two sides to share their latest research results and disease control and prevention experience since its establishment in 2020. He asked for efforts to further deepen exchanges on curbing contagious diseases, improving global health, implementing the "One Health" concept, and promoting vaccine inoculation, environmental health and the training of field-epidemiology investigation in a move to open new frontiers for bilateral cooperation on public health.
Cohen agreed with Shen. He stressed that there are still many challenges faced by the world in public health and noted that the CDCs of all countries should learn from the control and prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic and attach great importance to the information-based services of disease control and prevention data, swift risk communication, laboratory security and the quality of inspection and testing.
Cohen also urged the technical teams of the Chinese and US CDCs to further bolster their exchanges, expand cooperation models and fields, and make new contributions to safeguarding the health of the people in both countries, supporting the unity and collaboration of CDCs across the world, and advancing global health security.
Additionally, Shen and Cohen held in-depth discussions over topics and fields of common concern and with cooperation potential.
Shen Hongbing, director general of the China CDC, meets with his US counterpart Mandy K. Cohen (center in the right image) via video link on Dec 13. [Photo/chinacdc.cn]