• 16, 2023

    Things you need to know about postbiotics

  • 28, 2023

    Things you need to know about postbiotics

    In simple terms, postbiotics referto the metabolites of probiotics after processing, including the remains of dead probiotic cells and their metabolic byproducts.

  • 14, 2023

    Tips for healthy swimming in summer

    A rising number of people have shown interest in swimming because it can enhance their cardiorespiratory endurance and physical flexibility, as well as improve their body-fat ratios.

  • 07, 2023

    Tips on repelling mosquitoes at home

    The following are some of the recommended ways to prevent mosquito bites at home during the summer.

  • 03, 2023

    How to increase iron intake during pregnancy

    Iron is an essential micronutrient of the human body. As a component of hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochromes and certain respiratory enzymes, it plays an important part in the transportation of oxygen and tissue respiration processes, as well as in maintaining normal hematopoietic function and immune function.

  • 30, 2023

    Tips to safeguard gut flora

    Gut flora is a group of microorganisms that exist in the human intestinal tract. There are about 1,000 trillion intestinal microorganisms and about 1,000 different types.

  • 29, 2023

    How to maintain breast health?

    Breast health is very important for women. Some generally recognized caring methods include the following:

  • 28, 2023

    Beware of insect-borne infectious diseases

  • 27, 2023

    How to prevent and treat diarrhea in summer?

    Intestinal infectious diseases often occur in the summer. Rising temperatures and humid air are highly conducive to the propagation of bacteria such as escherichia coli, dysentery bacillus, salmonella and Vibrio cholerae.

  • 26, 2023

    What you should know about HMPV?

    Human metapneumovirus (HMPV), belonging to the Pneumoviridae, Metapneumovirus genus, is an enveloped single-stranded negative-sense RNA virus.