China CDC Weekly Successfully Hosts the 2023 Advanced Training Course in English Academic Writing | Updated: 2023-12-12
From October 30 to November 3, 2023, China CDC Weekly hosted a one-week advanced training course in English academic paper writing. This course was aimed at over 40 research leaders recommended by provincial (municipal, district) Centers for Disease Control across the country. It focused on training in the writing standards and requirements of the main sections of national public health bulletins.
The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhao Chihong, the Director of the Office of Academic Publishing and Directing Editor of Weekly. 
Dr. Charlotte Kent, the current Editor-in-Chief of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC), and Dr. Ron Moolenaar, former Director of the CDC Office in China, delivered online speeches. 
Dr. Paul Siegel, Deputy Editor of MMWR, conducted a five-day training on-site.
The training was enhanced with interactive formats such as teaching assistants for question-and-answer sessions and group discussions. Upon completion of the course, all participants were awarded certificates co-signed by the editors-in-chief of both the Weekly and MMWR.
Through this training, the participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the methods of writing articles for national public health bulletins. They are now better equipped to share China's latest discoveries and best practices in public health with their international counterparts, enhancing China's leadership and influence in the field of public health.