China CDC graduate school organizes field practice teaching for MPH students | Updated: 2023-08-09
The Graduate School of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) held an eight-week field practice teaching activity starting from June 5, 2023, aiming to strengthen the practice capability in public health for Master of Public Health (MPH) students, according to the education requirements for China CDC's MPH postgraduates.
A total of 114 MPH program students participated in this year's practice at 14 teaching units across the country. The teaching units are the local CDCs in Beijing's Chaoyang, Changping and Mentougou districts, Shijiazhuang city of Hebei province, Taiyuan city of Shanxi province, Wuxi and Suzhou cities of Jiangsu province, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Taizhou cities of Zhejiang province, Wuhan and Yichang cities of Hubei province, Chengdu city of Sichuan province, and the Panjin Center for Inspection and Testing of Liaoning province. 
During the eight-week field practice, the students' professional quality and their dedication to the public health work have been enhanced.  Their capability in epidemiological investigation design and filed work as well as in communication and coordination have also grown, which will lay a good foundation for them to carry out research projects in the future.
The field practice teaching came to a successful conclusion on July 28, thanks to the joint efforts of the graduate school, collaborating units, and the teaching units.