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Chinese academic journal expands presence worldwide

chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2023-08-03
The China-sponsored academic journal Infectious Diseases of Poverty (IDP) has continued to expand its influence at home and abroad, according to data from the information analysis companies Clarivate and Elsevier.
The English-language journal is co-sponsored by Chinese Medical Association (CMA) and National Institute of Parasitic Diseases at Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC), and is jointly published with BMC, a subsidiary of Springer & Nature International Publishing Group. It is accessible to global audience.
As the latest "Journal Citation Report" released by Clarivian notes, the impact factor of IDP is 8.1, ranking first in tropical medicine field, 2 out of 43 in parasitology field, and 14 out of 96 in the infectious diseases field. The citation indicator of the journal is 1.87, ranking first in tropical medicine field, ranking 2 out of 43 in parasitology field, and ranking 11 out of 128 in infectious diseases field, according to the report.
CiteScore released by Elsevier points out that the cite score of IDP in 2022 is 14.0, taking 12th place among 577 journals in public health, environment and occupational health, and 24th place among 304 competitors in infectious diseases.
The journal also received wide recognition in domestic academic field last year. It was included in the Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD) for the first time and won several titles like "China's most internationally influential academic journal".
In the review of CMA Journal in 2022, it was rated as excellent journal of academic quality and excellent journal of comprehensive quality.
One of the papers appearing on IDP entitled Towards a global One Health index: a potential assessment tool for One Health performance was shortlisted for the 2022 Chinese Science and Technology Papers.
IDP upholds the concept of "One World, One Health", aiming to help the world achieve sustainable development goals. The journal vows to be committed to leading the development of the discipline of infectious diseases caused by poverty, promoting the rollout of policies facilitating commercialization of research outcomes as well as scientific research and technological innovation.