Better Data, Better Analytics and Better Decisions- Making the EIOS Training Workshop in China a Success | Updated: 2023-07-05
In order to enhance the national and provincial public health capabilities of making full use of publicly available information, and to strengthen global health risk assessment and early warning, the Center for Global Public Health, China CDC held the "WHO - China CDC 'EIOS System Training Workshop'" (Epidemic Intelligence from Open Sources, hereafter referred to as EIOS) from May 16th to 18th, 2023. 
This training was organized by the Center for Global Public Health, China CDC, and representatives from the Center for Global Public Health, Public Health Emergency Center, National Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, Hainan, Yunnan and Guangdong CDCs were in attendance. 
Experts from the WHO offices in Headquarter and the Western Pacific Region were invited to provide 3-day training face to face. The opening ceremony was addressed by Dr. QI Xiaopeng, Deputy Director, Center for Global Public Health, Dr. Philip AbdelMalik and other WHO colleagues from WHO three levels. The training opening ceremony was presided by Dr. CHEN Hong, the Director of China CDC - U.S. CDC Collaboration Program office.
Group Photo of WHO - China CDC 'EIOS System Training Workshop, 3-day training
On May 16th, experts introduced the goals and basic principles of the training, shared the background and overview of epidemiological intelligence and public health monitoring, EIOS, and demonstrated the use of the system. The trainees conducted step-by-step practical exercises according to the training manual and discussed one-on-one with the experts once encountering problems. 
On May 17th, the training was a deep dive into EIOS system utilization about the EIOS system's various functions and applications demonstrated by WHO experts.
On May 18th, the representatives from the Center for Global Public Health, the Public Health Emergency Center and Guangdong Provincial CDC gave the following presentations on the Global COVID-19 data integration and risk analysis platform, the Internet and Open-Source Information in assisting the surveillance of Public Health Events and the Guangdong Public Health Media Monitoring Platform.
At the end of the training, an exciting EIOS championship challenge was held, and each group of trainees was highly motivated and strategized, and finally the champion and runner-up teams came in. 
The training achieved great success, and many participants commented after the meeting that the diverse training methods and participatory approaches turned a typically dull system learning into an engaging and interesting experience, greatly stimulating the enthusiasm and positivity of the participants, and providing a valuable reference for domestic training methods. More importantly, through the explanation of the WHO experts on EIOS, participants from China CDC gained a deep understanding of the system, which has significant implications for China in enhancing public health capabilities, strengthening health risk monitoring and evaluation, improving public health capacity building, and promoting health and safety.