Project on improving public health capacity of Sierra Leone: good practices & lessons | Updated: 2023-10-22
Good Practices and Lessons
An effective communication and coordination mechanism has laid a solid foundation for project implementation. During the application and implementation process, the China CDC communicated closely with the Project Management Office (PMO). Following the guidance of the project management manual designated by the PMO, progress reports were submitted regularly, issues encountered were communicated in a timely manner, and solutions were proposed together, allowing the smooth progress of the project.
Innovation and collaboration have expanded the scope of the project. During the initial implementation phase, the project made use of the good international partnerships established during previous work, and maintained close contact with international organizations such as PHE, CDC, WHO, and UN, in order to explore new areas of cooperation.
Considering the complexity and unforeseen circumstances, such as a major landslide disaster in the capital area of Sierra Leone, when dispatching experts to work in the offices of international organizations in third countries, it is recommended that the project is planned in advance to allow sufficient time for administrative procedures. Proactive communication with the offices of international organizations in third countries is necessary, in order to obtain their approval.