China-UK HIV Strategy Support Program — Best Practices in Government Capacity Building (III)

28, 2023

The project cultivated excellent leaders and management talents. Over a period of six years, more than 150 CHARTS officials, department leaders, and liaison officers have seen their comprehensive skill enhanced through project-based training and exercises. CHARTS cultivated a group of well-rounded project management professionals with advanced concepts and outstanding expertise.

China-UK HIV Strategy Support Program — Best Practices in Government Capacity Building (II)

27, 2023

CHARTS supported the Ministry of Civil Affairs in conducting a study on the status of registration of social organizations and grassroots organizations involved in the prevention and control of AIDS, aiming to explore solutions to the problems encountered by non-governmental organizations in the registration process.

China-UK HIV Strategy Support Program — Best Practices in Government Capacity Building (I)

26, 2023

CHARTS enhanced the policy-making capability of government departments and experts through specialized seminars on epidemic analysis, policy review, capacity assessment, and system establishment, organizing training courses on techniques such as baseline surveys, SWOT analysis and evidence-based decision making, and arranging domestic on-site inspections to address specific problems.

China-UK HIV Strategy Support Program — Backgound & Response Strategies

25, 2023

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Joint Assessment of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care in China pointed out that HIV prevalence in China remained low, but it was spreading fast.

China-UK-Tanzania Pilot Project on Malaria Control: Conclusion

22, 2023

The successful implementation and sustainable development of the Pilot Project rely on the capacity building approach known as "Learning by Doing" through the "paired" method.

China-UK-Tanzania Pilot Project on Malaria Control: Effects and Implications of "Paired Learning by Doing" Approach

21, 2023

The novel "Learning by Doing" approach, specifically in the form of "paired", has proven to be an essential and effective element contributing to the success of the Pilot Project.

China-UK-Tanzania Pilot Project on Malaria Control: Steps Towards Implementing a "Paired Learning by Doing" Approach

19, 2023

According to the project work plan, young professionals recommended by provincial disease prevention and control centers or institutes of parasitic diseases, which are partners of the NIPD, underwent a series of interviews and evaluations.

China-UK-Tanzania Pilot Project on Malaria Control:Background

18, 2023

In 2012, the former UK Department for International Development (DFID) initiated a new type of health development cooperation project named the China-UK Global Health Support Programme (GHSP).

Action on Salt China: Global Health Impact

17, 2023

The findings of ASC have received extensive international dissemination, notably through platforms including WASSH.

Action on Salt China: Capacity Strengthening Achievements

16, 2023

The public health workforce associated with ASC program has experienced significant benefits, underscored by several exceptional achievements in capacity strengthening, as detailed below:

Action on Salt China: Endeavors in the Realm of Capacity Building

15, 2023

The development of capacity remains a fundamental element of the ASC program, dating back to its RCT phase from 2018 to 2019, and continuing through to its expansion phase from 2020 to 2021. A few notable outcomes of the ASC's capacity-building initiatives are outlined as follows:

Action on Salt China: Obstacles Encountered & Opportunities

14, 2023

The Action on Salt China (ASC) project is a noteworthy collaborative venture between China and UK, with the China CDC serving as a key partner. The objective of this report is to present a case study that demonstrates the significant role of ASC in bolstering the capacity of public health services in China. Furthermore, this study aims to offer valuable references and provoke thoughtful insight for potential international collaborations in the future.

Project on improving public health capacity of Sierra Leone: good practices & lessons

22, 2023

An effective communication and coordination mechanism has laid a solid foundation for project implementation.

Project on improving public health capacity of Sierra Leone: impact & results

21, 2023

The project on improving public health capacity of Sierra Leone has cultivated professionals qualified to work in P3 laboratories, and facilitated better laboratory operation and continuous effects.

Project on improving public health capacity of Sierra Leone: content & activities

18, 2023

China has supported Sierra Leone to enhance its public health capacity through various activities, including enhancing capacity building of the P3 laboratory, sending experts to work in Sierra Leone, and exploring international cooperation to support the country in monitoring and emergency testing of newly emerging and recurring infectious diseases.

Project on improving public health capacity of Sierra Leone: problems & solutions

17, 2023

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in West Africa has dealt a heavy blow to Sierra Leone's public health system, exposing the vulnerabilities in the country's public health infrastructure, including insufficient monitoring and testing capacity and a lack of qualified personnel.

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