China-UK HIV Strategy Support Program — Best Practices in Government Capacity Building (II) | Updated: 2023-11-27
Strengthening the capacity of creating a supportive environment for NGOs
CHARTS supported the Ministry of Civil Affairs in conducting a study on the status of registration of social organizations and grassroots organizations involved in the prevention and control of AIDS, aiming to explore solutions to the problems encountered by non-governmental organizations in the registration process.
The Chinese Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control released guidelines and relevant policies for non-governmental organizations to participate in the prevention and control of AIDS, facilitating their compliant and orderly involvement in the work.
Experts were invited to conduct surveys on the capacity building needs of social organizations related to AIDS, the research on functional positioning of NGOs in AIDS prevention and control work, and the pilot study on community-based AIDS prevention and control, in order to explore the best practices in supporting the capacity building of non-governmental organizations.
Study tours were also organized to countries such as the UK, the US, the Netherlands, and Australia to observe the participation of non-governmental organizations in AIDS prevention and control work and learn from their mature experience.
The Sichuan provincial people's government issued Measures to Promote the Participation of Social Forces in AIDS Prevention and Control in Sichuan Province, which has become a highlight in policy development in Sichuan and a milestone in CHARTS' efforts to promote the whole-of-society participation in AIDS prevention and control.
While the formulation of policies is important, the process and experience of policy development and environment building are even more so, as they greatly enhance the capability of departments, non-governmental organizations, and domestic and foreign experts, and create a favorable policy environment for the participation of non-governmental organizations.
Enhancing capability of mobilizing and utilizing resources
CHARTS drew insights from the advanced project management and fundraising experience of the UK Department for International Development, and invited international experts to provide technical support in exploring models for integrating resources in HIV/AIDS prevention and control.
At the same time, the project supported domestic experts in developing the NEAR Model application software, which combines epidemic situation assessment, prevention and control effectiveness analysis, and resource needs forecasting.
Support was extended to specialized research projects such as research on the management of HIV/AIDS prevention and control funds, research on a performance evaluation indicators system for special expenditure on HIV/AIDS prevention and control, establishment and improvement of a sustaining supply system for HIV/AIDS treatment drugs, and health economics evaluation of pilot community-based medication-assisted treatment for heroin addicts.
CHARTS facilitated the effective integration of national fiscal budgets and international project funds, and comprehensively improved China's resource mobilization and utilization capability in HIV/AIDS prevention and control.