China-UK HIV Strategy Support Program — Backgound & Response Strategies | Updated: 2023-11-25
I Background
At the beginning of the 21st century, the Joint Assessment of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care in China pointed out that HIV prevalence in China remained low, but it was spreading fast. At the national level, the State Council AIDS Working Committee Office was established; however, challenges persisted in terms of interdepartmental coordination and inadequate attention from key officials. At the provincial level, challenges also existed due to weak policy implementation capacity and insufficient resources.

II Response Strategies
To address the challenges mentioned above and accelerate the achievement of the global Millennium Development Goals for HIV/AIDS prevention and control, the Chinese government, in collaboration with the UK government, designed and implemented the China Aids Roadmap Tactical Support (CHARTS) Project with a duration of six years (2005-2011).
This project focused on enhancing the national-level leadership and coordination in HIV/AIDS responses , establishing and implementing mechanisms for information exchange and utilization, strengthening implementation and supervision at provincial and sub-provincial levels, and mobilizing necessary resources and utilizing them more effectively, to enhance the capacity of government departments.