Action on Salt China: Global Health Impact | Updated: 2023-11-17
Global Health Impact
The findings of ASC have received extensive international dissemination, notably through platforms including WASSH. The school-based salt reduction model proposed by ASC has been acknowledged as a best practice by the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD). This recognition culminated in 2021 with a feature within a series of short films produced by BBC Story Works.
The accomplishments and broad network of ASC have catalyzed the inception of several novel research initiatives, including projects like "School-based Education Program to Reduce Salt: Scaling-Up in China (EduSaltS)", and "Comprehensive Workplace Intervention for Cancer Prevention in China (WECAN)". Looking ahead, ASC is committed to sustaining its influence and continuing to contribute significantly towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
ASC initiative is presently conducted only in selected regions across six provinces in China. While its technical guidance, training materials, salt reduction instruments, expansion platform, and publications may reach a broader spectrum of staff and areas within China, its current impact remains quite constrained. Consequently, additional efforts should be exerted to amplify its influence within the realm of public health.
Author Affiliation
ASC working group, The George Institute for Global Health, China, Beijing, China
Corresponding author: Puhong Zhang,