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Secretary Lu Jiang of China CDC Participates in the National Children's Vaccination Day Campaign and Conducts Field Research

chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2024-05-27
This year marks the 38th National Children's Vaccination Day in China, celebrated under the theme "Act Together, Vaccinate, Safeguard Health Throughout the Lifecycle." This initiative seeks to enhance public understanding and acceptance of vaccination, advocating for collective action among all groups, including families, to actively participate in immunization efforts and thus ensure public health. In an effort to extensively promote the critical role of vaccinations in preventing infectious diseases and maintaining public health safety, the event was inaugurated on April 25, 2024, in Nanjing, Jiangsu. The event was organized by  National Disease Control and Prevention Administration and co-hosted by China CDC, Jiangsu Commission of Health , and Jiangsu Disease Control and Prevention Administration. The ceremony featured prominent attendees such as Lu Jiang, Deputy Director of the National Disease Control and Prevention Administration and Secretary of the Party Committee at China CDC, and Li Qun, Deputy Director of China CDC. The event was initiated by Li Xiaocui, Deputy Director of the Immunization Division at National Disease Control and Prevention Administration.
Secretary Lu Jiang highlighted that vaccination is among the most effective and widely impacting health initiatives in China. He acknowledged its enduring and challenging nature, emphasizing the need to address public concerns, encourage broad participation, and secure robust community support. He called for enhanced strategic planning of immunization, strengthening the vaccination service system, advancing interoperability of vaccination data, and promoting the sharing of such data to improve vaccination rates and drive high-quality development in immunization program.
Following the ceremony, Secretary Lu Jiang led a team on a research expedition throughout Jiangsu Province. The team visited the East Mountain Street Community Health Service Center in Nanjing to review progress in vaccination clinic operations, the development of immunization information systems, application of a vaccination app, and standardized training for vaccination staff. Concurrently, Deputy Director Li Qun of China CDC and Director Yin Zundong of the Immunization Center traveled to Wuxi, where they evaluated the Wuxi CDC's vaccine cold chain management, surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases, vaccination services, and educational initiatives. They also engaged in discussions with clinical experts at Wuxi Children’s Hospital concerning the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as pertussis and measles, which are preventable by vaccination.