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China CDC holds seminar on nutrition & health cohort survey

chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2023-02-27
The National Institute for Nutrition and Health (NINH) of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) held the 2022-2024 follow-up seminar on the "Cohort Survey of China's Development and Influencing Factors of Nutrition & Health" in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province on Feb 10.

A total of 37 persons attended the seminar, including Bing Zhang, deputy director of the NINH, Huijun Wang, director of the Department of Public Nutrition of the NINH, and the managers or business backbones from 15 provinces where the survey was performed.
Zhang said that the cohort survey project provided data resources for the country to understand the nutrition and health status of its residents, and to formulate relevant national policies. 
He also expressed gratitude to the staff members for their hard work in the implementation of the project. He called for continuous efforts in planning a new round of follow-up survey.
Wang introduced the plan, content, methods and schedule of the 12th round of the follow-up survey, as well as its implementation in three provincial-level regions in 2022 and the work plan in 2023.
Huilin Liu, a representative from Hunan CDC, shared her experience of the follow-up survey in 2022. She suggested that the follow-up rate regarding those households taking part in previous surveys should be improved as much as possible.
The "Cohort Survey of China's Development and Influencing Factors of Nutrition & Health" project is a longitudinal study under the "China Health and Nutrition Survey" (CHNS), which aims to learn about the dietary structure, nutrition and health status of Chinese residents. The findings of the project serve as a scientific foundation for China to develop relevant policies and guide residents in developing a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.