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China CDC publicizes 2022 World AIDS Day

chinadad.cn | Updated: 2022-12-22
On Dec 1, 2022, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) successfully held a publicity event for the 2022 "World AIDS Day” in Beijing with the theme of “Fighting AIDS for Common Health".
With the support of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) China Office and the World Health Organization Representative Office for China, the event was organized by the China CDC and co-organized by the China Health Education Center, the Chinese Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control, the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, the Chinese Foundation for Prevention of STD and AIDS, and the China Red Ribbon Foundation. HIV/AIDS Prevention publicist Cai Guoqing and Yueyue, the Red Ribbon health ambassador, served as the event hosts.
At the opening ceremony, Shen Hongbing, academician as well as deputy director of the National Disease Control and Prevention Administration and director of the China CDC, delivered a speech, he fully affirmed the remarkable achievements of further promoting the implementation of the implementation plan to curb the spread of AIDS through focusing on key areas, key groups and key links while making every effort to prevent and control the COVID-19 by local governments and related departments. He said that the event was a specific measure to effectively curb the transmission of major infectious diseases, a goal emphasized in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It was also an active response to the initiative of advancing high-quality prevention and treatment of AIDS proposed by the National Disease Control and Prevention Administration, he added.
Dr. Erasmus Morah, director and representative of the UNAIDS China Office, gave full acknowledgement to the Chinese government for its efforts in putting AIDS prevention and control high on the national health and development agenda. He believes that China is firmly moving forward on the track of ending AIDS by 2030, and expects it to become the first major developing country to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV.
During the event, Han Mengjie, director of the National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, China CDC, released guidance on AIDS prevention for three target groups, namely the elderly, the migrant population and young students. Three publicity videos featuring the guidance were also premiered, aiming to enhance the health awareness and self-protection capabilities of key groups and guide the whole society to build common health.
Other experts gave lectures on using the "internet plus" mechanism to carry out AIDS publicity, intervention and testing, as well as on the relationship between drugs and AIDS. Episode 9 Cartoon "Early Detection Benefits" was also debuted at the event. Calling on more people to take on responsibilities, the event pledged to pursue innovative and quality development of AIDS prevention and control.