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NHC team discusses talents cultivation with China CDC

chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2022-06-21
A team led by Zheng Zhongwei, director of the Research Center for Health Science and Technology of the National Health Commission (NHC), and Han Juanjuan, deputy director of the major projects division of the department, visited the China CDC and discussed how to better "reform the process of project authorization and promote the construction of a high-level health science and technology talent system" during a symposium on Jun 8, 2022.
Yan Jun, deputy Party secretary of the China CDC, Zainawudong Yushan, deputy director of the China CDC, and staff members from the China CDC, units directly affiliated to the China CDC and provincial-level CDCs attended the symposium.
Zheng introduced the background of the study visit in detail. He said that the NHC has put forward a solution to improve the construction of a high-level health science and technology talent system, analyzed and studied the situation and problems in the discovery, introduction, evaluation, selection and training of talents in the process of project authorization.
Zainawudong introduced the overall situation and achievements of the China CDC’s scientific research work and the measures in managing and incentivizing scientific talents, before listing problems that the China CDC is currently faced with in the aforementioned area.
Yan pointed out that scientific research plays an important role in building the talent system throughout the CDCs in China as well as in improving the capability of the team. She called for the improvement of supportive policies for talents in order to continuously stimulate the creativity of researchers, and launching scientific research projects covering a wide range of areas in public health.
Han said that suggestions and questions should be encouraged when it comes to developing talents in scientific research projects and in the field of health.
During the symposium, experts suggested setting up a special project for the CDC system to help attract high-level scientific talents, exploring the construction of an innovative talent base, as well as setting up non-competitive public health special projects to support the development of disease control research.