Promotional event for World AIDS Day 2023 held in Beijing | Updated: 2023-12-18
The 2023 World AIDS Day promotional event was held in Beijing on Nov. 30, by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC).
This year's event is themed on "Mobilizing Social Forces, Jointly Fighting Against AIDS", with the aim of further enhancing public awareness of AIDS prevention and control, mobilizing social forces to participate in and promoting high-quality AIDS prevention and control efforts.
According to Yan Jun, deputy director-general of the China CDC, since 2020, there have been no reported AIDS cases caused by blood transfusions in China.
She said that in 2022, the mother-to-child transmission rate of AIDS in China has dropped to three percent, and the AIDS awareness rate among key populations reached over 90 percent. The national coverage rate of AIDS treatment and viral suppression rate have been maintained at a high level, and the rapid increase trend of HIV epidemic among young students has been basically contained, she added.
Yan emphasized that under the new circumstances, China's AIDS prevention and control work still has a long way to go. The China CDC will continue to focus on reducing and preventing the spread of AIDS, and keep the epidemic in China at a low level.
Dr. Erasmus Morah, director of the China Office of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), lauded the Chinese government for consistently prioritizing AIDS prevention and control in its national health and development agenda and achieving remarkable results. He expressed confidence in China's efforts to combat and eventually end the HIV epidemic.
The event invited guests from different fields to give speeches and interviews, highlighting the professional, technological, popularization, care and social aspects in AID prevention and control."Core information on AIDS prevention among middle school students", the tenth episode of HIV testing animation, and educational video on AIDS prevention for the elderly were released at the event. Young students showcased stories and scenarios of social organizations participating in AIDS prevention and control in the form of melodramas.