COVID-19 health tips for a safe workplace | Updated: 2022-05-30
Put on masks, wash hands frequently, and pay attention to personal hygiene and protection.
A health monitoring system should be established and the health status of staff should be registered every day. If employees are suspected of having symptoms of COVID-19, they should not go to their workplace and seek medical treatment immediately.
When entering office buildings, body temperatures should be checked and health codes should be verified. Only those with a normal body temperature and health code are allowed to enter.
Maintain good ventilation. When the temperature is appropriate, open windows to improve indoor air circulation.
Keep office areas clean, tidy, and free of garbage.
Cleaners should clean and disinfect the surfaces of elevators, public toilets, door handles and other frequently contacted objects.
People who meet the conditions for COVID-19 vaccination should be inoculated as soon as possible.