Why should the elderly get COVID-19 vaccination?

chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2022-05-25
Seniors are among the priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination.
Based on data analysis of infection, severe illness, and death from COVID-19 around the world, the elderly are at a higher risk of developing severe illness and dying from COVID-19 compared with younger adults and children. The immune function of the elderly is weaker than that of the young, and most of them have various underlying diseases. 
This age group also demands the most medical resources during the epidemic because they tend to need hospitalization and emergency treatment and have longer hospital stays. Therefore, it is important to get seniors vaccinated against COVID-19.
According to known statistics, COVID-19 vaccination is safe for the elderly. Therefore, seniors who meet the conditions for COVID-19 vaccination should be inoculated as soon as possible.
Precautions for seniors with underlying diseases

Seniors with underlying diseases are advised to get vaccination during the stable period. If they are not sure about their conditions, they should consult with their clinician or the doctor at the vaccination site in advance. 
Before vaccination, seniors are advised to learn about all the information and requirements regarding COVID-19 vaccination, and make appointments in advance.
During vaccination, it is suggested that seniors accompanied by their family members, in case there are any accidents. If they experience adverse reactions, family members should report to the site of vaccination and seek medical treatment immediately.
Seniors should stay on site for 30 minutes after vaccination and leave only after confirming there are no adverse reactions.