Updated: 2022-01-05
With a strong professional team, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) focuses on disease control through solid scientific research. It aims to achieve first-rate disease control with research capacity through innovation, capability-building and investment in frontier science. Since its establishment in 2002, the China CDC has made great achievements in scientific research involving nearly 1,000 programs, and has received 2.85 billion yuan in research funding. Thanks to its strengthened capabilities, the China CDC has safeguarded and protected people’s health and lives during major emergencies and in major events like the Olympic Games and the World Expo. 
The China CDC sponsors or co-sponsors 16 academic journals.
China CDC Weekly (National Public Health Bulletin)
ISSN 2096-7071
CN 10-1629/R1
Biomedical and Environmental Sciences
ISSN 0895-3988
CN 11-2816/Q
Journal of Hygiene Research (Chinese)
ISSN 1000-8020
CN 11-2158/R
Chinese Journal of Vaccines and Immunization (Chinese)
ISSN 1006-916X
CN 11-5517/R
Disease Surveillance (Chinese)
ISSN 1003-9961
CN 11-2928/R
Chinese Journal of Vector Biology and Control (Chinese)
ISSN 1003-8280
CN 10-1522/R
Journal of Environmental Hygiene (Chinese)
ISSN 2095-1906
CN 11-6000/R
Chinese Journal of Women and Children Health (Chinese)
ISSN 1674-7763
CN 11-5816/R
Infectious Diseases of Poverty
ISSN 2095-5162
eISSN 2049-9957
CN 10-1399/R
Chinese Journal of Epidemiology (Chinese)
ISSN 0254-6450
CN 11-2338/R 
Chinese Journal of Virology (Chinese)
ISSN 1000-8721
CN 11-1865/R
Chinese Journal of Radiological Medicine and Protection (Chinese)
ISSN 0254-5098
CN 11-2271/R
Chinese Journal of Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases (Chinese) 
ISSN 1000-7423
CN 31-1248/R
Chinese Journal of Experimental and Clinical Virology (Chinese)
ISSN 1003-9279
CN 11-2866/R
Biosafety and Health
ISSN 2590-0536
CN 10-1630/Q
Radiation Medicine and Protection
ISSN 2097-0439
eISSN 2666-5557
CN 10-1773/R