NCNCD of China CDC holds the 7th "Walking with the World" opening ceremony in Ganzhou, Gansu Province | Updated: 2022-08-22
The nationwide brisk walking competition (under the brand name "Walking with the World") marked its 7th opening ceremony in Ganzhou district of Gansu province on 8th August, 2022. The ceremony has attracted participants from more than 1,500 districts and counties in China and has created a more relaxed and positive atmosphere for the national fitness campaign.
The "Walking with the World" is a 100 days brisk walking challenge program held every year. It was initiated by the National Center for Chronic and Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevention of the China CDC in 2016, and later gained support from the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, 31 provincial-level administrative divisions and some other organizations.
Ge Yonghong, member of the standing committee of the Zhangye municipal committee of Communist Party of China (CPC) and secretary of the Ganzhou district CPC committee, remarked at the ceremony that the competition is praised as a pioneer program in the comprehensive prevention and control of chronic diseases in China. And to emphasise its importance to the locals, the ceremony was designed with a series of sports activities, such as a "torch relay" and "forest park walking".
The concept of this year is inherited from last year's "walking 10,000 steps in the cloud", which encourages people from all walks of life to participate in the fitness campaign and to record and log their walk data through diversified platforms(wearable devices and/or mobile app).
Sub-events will also be held on the sidelines of the competition, to provide references for the formulation of chronic disease management standards. 
The competition has set three categories of awards, namely prize for race walking, prize for the best organization, and prize for outstanding communications, which innovated the incentive mechanism and built a long-term and sustainable mechanism for promoting healthy lifestyles.
Birdview of the 7th Opening Ceremony of the "Walking with the World". [Photo/]
Representatives from more than 1,500 districts and counties across China participate in the 7th opening ceremony of the "Walking with the World" in Ganzhou district, Gansu province.[Photo/]