National walking competition concludes successfully in Houma, Shanxi province | Updated: 2021-12-23
The 6th Competition: Walking with the World, a nationwide walking competition, came to a successful end on Dec 16, 2021 in Houma city, North China's Shanxi province, with nearly 300,000 people from 620 counties and districts across the country participating in the 100-day event, which showed a significant effect on weight control.
The 6th competition was hosted by the National Center for Chronic and Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevention of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and guided by the Bureau of Disease Control of the National Health Commission, the Shanxi Provincial People's Government, and the Linfen Municipal People's Government.
The annual contest has been advocating a healthy and civilized lifestyle since it was launched six years ago. Walking teams from as many as 1,216 counties and districts across China have participated in the competition so far, covering 87 percent of China’s prefecture-level cities, 42 percent of counties, and 87 percent of the National Demonstration Area for Integrated Prevention and Control of NCDs.
Ganzhou district, Zhangye city of Northwest China's Gansu province, will host the 7th competition in 2022. Other places, where goverments are willing to take actions to promote health for local residents by increasing access to physical activity opportunities, set to join the 2022 event, including Sanhe city in Hebei province, Yanhu district, Xinjiang county and Houma city in Shanxi Province, Jieshou city and Mengcheng county in Anhui province, Luojiang district in Fujian province, Zhangqiu district in Shandong province, Queshan county in Henan province, Xiangtan county in Hunan province, Nanshan district in Guangdong province, and Ganzhou district in Gansu province.
The event will strive to improve its competition system, expand coverage, and attract more people to take up walking sports to help boost a healthy lifestyle and the construction of a the National Demonstration Area for Integrated Prevention and Control of NCDs in China.