Tips on repelling mosquitoes at home | Updated: 2023-07-07
The following are some of the recommended ways to prevent mosquito bites at home during the summer.
1. Remove stagnant water at home and in courtyards
Washbasins and buckets should be kept in a upside down position or covered with lids, and household garbage like water bottles and egg shells should be disposed of in time. People should make sure that kitchen sink, floor drain and sewers work properly, and change water for aquatic plants once or twice a week.
2. Keep rooms clean
People should take out their rubbish frequently, clean their toilets, the gaps between and behind furniture and wall corners, and get rid of weeds in potted plants.
3. Fend off mosquitoes from entering houses
People should use screens on their windows and doors and spray mosquito repellents when there are lots of mosquitoes on window and door screens.
4. Select suitable mosquito repellent
People are advised to select mosquito repellents, pesticides and electric mosquito swatters that meet national standards.
They should take into account the following factors when choosing a mosquito repellent:
Different purposes: Electronic mosquito repellents can be used at home. Mosquito repellent incenses can be used in open and ventilated areas. Pesticides can be used when people want to dispel a large number of insects quickly. People can carry mosquito repellents when they go out. Mosquito nets and electronic mosquito swatters are strongly recommended when there are babies or pregnant women at home.
Brand and quality: People shall purchase mosquito repellents that are registered in the national system and meet national standards.
Safety level: People are advised to select mosquito repellents with lower toxicity level.
Components: The main components of mosquito repellents include DEET, BAAPE, lcaridin and eucalyptus oil. A product is okay when the concentration of its mosquito repellent components is lower than 10 percent.