Facts about allergies

chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2023-03-17
Allergies are result of the immune system overreaction, and not directly related to a person's immunity level. That is, allergies are not caused by immunodeficiency.

In the face of foreign substances, the normal immune system will only attack and eliminate microorganisms and pathogens that put human health at risk. But if the immune system falls into a "state of confusion", it will excessively attack pollen, food and other things that enter the body but do not pose a threat, triggering immune inflammation and causing a person to sneeze, cough and experience red eyes and runny nose.
During the pollen season, when is the best time for people susceptible to allergies to go out?
Pollen concentration tends to be higher in the afternoon or early morning. Try to go out at night or after a drizzle if there is a need to leave home.
Please remember not to venture outdoors before or after thunderstorms, because the thunderstorms may swell and break pollen into smaller particles that are more allergenic.

What kind of clothes are more suitable for people who are allergic to pollen?
Clothes made of wool and chemical fiber fabrics are generally prone to producing static electricity and thus carrying pollen. When going out, try to wear clothes with smooth surfaces. In addition, it’s necessary to change your outer clothing after returning home and to remove pollen clinging to it.

If pregnant women are allergic to pollen, will their babies be the same?
Allergic diseases are hereditary to a certain extent. Children whose parents are hay fever sufferers have a higher probability of developing allergies themselves.
However, allergies will appear after repeated exposure to the allergens. Allergic people are not necessarily sensitive to the same substances, and they may not necessarily get sick immediately. But once the onset begins, it may easily recur and require treatment.