Packing list for makeshift hospital quarantine during COVID-19 | Updated: 2022-04-13
The China CDC has made a list of personal belongings you need to take if you have to be quarantined in a makeshift hospital during COVID-19.
Identification: ID card or passport.
Daily items: personal items, water cups, toiletries, women's hygiene products, casual clothes, shoes and socks, and disposable underwear if necessary.
Health-related items: medical card or medical insurance card. Those with basic diseases should take enough medicine, and provide medical staff at the makeshift hospital with treatment records.
Work and leisure items: electronic devices, chargers and books.
COVID-19 prevention: masks, hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes.
Other items: A small amount of food can be taken if needed, but perishable fresh fruit should be avoided. People with sleep disorders can bring their own eye masks and earplugs.
After arriving at the makeshift hospital, follow the instruction of the medical staff, wear a mask, maintain personal hygiene, and do not move around or gather.