The Danger of thirdhand smoke | Updated: 2023-04-14
Most people are aware of the hazards of firsthand smoke and secondhand smoke, and they would smoke in the hallway or on the balcony to avoid harming pregnant women and children.
However, the harmful ingredients of cigarettes can be absorbed by surfaces of clothing, hair, carpets, sofas, curtains, car interiors, and so on, resulting in "thirdhand smoke", which is also a serious health threat.
What is thirdhand smoke?
Thirdhand smoke is the residue left on the surfaces of clothing, walls, carpets, curtains, leather, furniture, and even hair and skin after smoking. The residue contains nicotine, carcinogens, heavy metals, radioactive substances, and other harmful substances.
Why is thirdhand smoke harmful?
It is easily overlooked. Secondhand smoke can be avoided, but thirdhand smoke is difficult to prevent. When we see someone smoking, we can avoid it, but we are often unaware of the harm caused by thirdhand smoke, which is absorbed through breathing and skin exposure.
The harm of thirdhand smoke lasts for a long time. The harmful substances in secondhand smoke remain on surfaces, resulting in thirdhand smoke, which can last for several months. 
The harm to children is particularly severe. Children, especially infants, often crawl on the floor or touch various contaminated objects, grabbing things and putting them into their mouths.

How can we avoid the harm of thirdhand smoke?
The only effective way to avoid thirdhand smoke is to not smoke indoors or inside cars.
Try to choose smoke-free restaurants and other indoor places to reduce the exposure to tobacco.
Encourage smoking family members to quit as soon as possible.