Love Teeth Day 2022 | Updated: 2022-09-23
The 34th National Love Teeth Day falls on Sept 20 this year.
Key messages for National Healthy Lifestyle month were highlighted by the national action office of China Healthy Lifestyle for All (CHLA) in August, which is "three reductions, three healthy conditions".
As an important part of "three healthy conditions", "oral health" calls for brushing teeth correctly in the morning and evening and guides the public to pay more attention to oral hygiene on a daily basis.
This year's Love Teeth Day focuses on strengthening oral health awareness among young people, establishing good behaviors and creating a sound social atmosphere conducive to oral health.
Oral health tips for teenagers
1.Develop a good habit of brushing teeth
Brush your teeth every morning and evening for at least 2 minutes each time. It is more important to brush your teeth before going to bed at night. 
Choose a proper toothbrush and replace it every three months. If the bristles are deformed, you should replace it right away.
The brushing method suitable for teenagers is "horizontal vibratory brushing". Direct the end of the bristles to the root of the tooth to form a 45-degree angle with the tooth surface, place it at the junction of the tooth and the gum, shake it horizontally for five times with short strokes, and then rotate the toothbrush handle to brush the tooth surface horizontally. 
2.Use floss to clean the gap between teeth
Teenagers should learn to use dental floss to clean the gap between teeth. A floss rack or floss reel can be selected. The floss should be maneuvered between the teeth and curved against one tooth, with a gentle rubbing motion between the gum and the tooth, and then clean the other side of the tooth surface in the same way.
It is recommended to use dental floss every day, especially before going to bed at night.
3.Keep a healthy diet
Frequent and excessive intake of sugary food or carbonated drinks will lead to caries or tooth sensitivity. Teenagers should eat less sugary food, drink fewer carbonated drinks and control sugar intake. Clean mouth before going to bed at night and don’t eat after tooth brushing.
4.Pit and fissure sealing for children
Pit and fissure sealing is painless and is the most effective way to prevent caries. It will keep the tooth surface smooth and easy to clean and prevent bacteria from growing around the teeth. It is suggested that the pit and fissure of the second permanent molar should be sealed for 11-13 year olds.
5.Use fluoride toothpaste
Using fluoride toothpaste is a safe and effective caries prevention measure for teenagers. They can also go to the hospital every six months to receive dental fluoride to prevent dental caries, especially for teenagers who have multiple caries and are undergoing orthodontic treatment.
6.Treat occlusion in time
During or after the replacement of primary and permanent teeth, they can go to a regular medical institution to diagnose and treat malocclusion, and determine the treatment plan. The orthodontic treatment always takes a long time, and it is difficult to clean the teeth while wearing dental braces. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to pay attention to oral hygiene during the orthodontic process.
7.Prevent dental injuries during exercise
When teenagers participate in sports activities, they should wear sports clothes and anti-skid sports shoes to prevent tooth injuries caused by falls. Wear a helmet, protective tooth holder and other protective equipment when necessary.
8.Undergo regular oral examination and scaling
Caries and gingivitis are common oral diseases among teenagers. They can cause toothache, gingival bleeding and other symptoms. Teenagers should have an oral examination every six months to one year to discover oral problems and treat them at an early stage.
Scaling can remove the plaque and dental calculus on the surface of teeth and restore the gingival health. Teenagers should undergo scaling once every year.