Key messages on dental health | Updated: 2022-03-29
Pay attention to dental health
Dental health refers to clean teeth with no cavities (caries) or pain and gums with a normal color and no bleeding. Caries and periodontal disease are the most common dental diseases. These diseases are caused by plaque formed by the accumulation of bacteria attached to the teeth. Removing plaque through one’s own oral care and professional oral health care is the basis of maintaining oral health.
Take regular oral examination
Adults should have an oral examination at least once a year and get any dental disease treated as early as possible. It is recommended that preschool children have an oral health examination every six months, and quickly correct such bad habits as sucking fingers, biting lips and sticking out tongues.
Brush teeth and rinse your mouth 
Brush your teeth at least twice a day and rinse your mouth after meals. Brushing your teeth before going to bed is more important. Do not eat after brushing. Children should develop the habit of having meals regularly and eat fewer snacks.
Use dental floss to clean tooth gaps
When brushing teeth, the bristles of the toothbrush cannot fully extend to the gaps between teeth. It is recommended to use tools such as floss or a gap brush after brushing teeth, so as to do a more thorough job.
Get into the habit of brushing teeth from childhood
Parents should help children under the age of three to brush their teeth. Parents and kindergarten teachers should teach children aged three to six to brush their teeth. Parents should supervise children above the age of six when they brush their teeth.
Pit and fissure sealants can prevent caries
Pit and fissure sealants are the most effective method to prevent pit and fissure caries of permanent molars. The first permanent molars sprout around the age of six, and the second permanent molars sprout at the age of 12, which should be closed in time. 
However, it doesn’t mean children who have completed pit and fissure sealants can ignore brushing their teeth. If the sealant falls off, the teeth should be closed again.
Use fluoride toothpaste to prevent caries
Using fluoride toothpaste is a safe and effective anti-caries measure. However, it should be noted that toothpaste cannot be taken as medicine. Oral diseases should be treated in time.
Consume less sugar or carbonated drinks
Eating too much sugary food or drinking too many carbonated drinks will lead to tooth demineralization, dental caries or tooth sensitivity. 
Try to reduce the times you eat sugar every day, drink fewer or no carbonated drinks, rinse your mouth with clean water right away after meals to remove food residues, or chew sugar-free gum, which can reduce the risk of cavities.
Clean teeth regularly to keep periodontal health
It is recommended to have your teeth cleaned by dentists once a year. Cleaning teeth may cause slight bleeding and temporary tooth sensitivity, but it will not hurt gums and teeth, and will not cause thinning and loosening of teeth. Cleaning teeth regularly can maintain periodontal health.
Repair the missing teeth in time
Teeth are not only used for chewing food, but also help pronunciation and maintain facial appearance. No matter how many teeth are lost, denture restoration should be carried out within two or three months after tooth extraction.
The elderly wearing movable dentures should take them out and have them brushed after each meal. When they do not wear dentures at night, they should be washed and stored in cold water.