Amblyopia and myopia | Updated: 2022-03-30
The symptoms of amblyopia
The symptoms of amblyopia are poor eyesight that cannot be immediately improved by wearing glasses. Amblyopia caused by long sight, astigmatism and anisometropia is usually hard to detect because it shows no abnormal symptoms. It only can be detected by regular screening. 
Can amblyopia be cured?
It can be cured.
Amblyopia is caused by strabism, long sight and astigmatism, with a prevalence of 2 to 4 percent.
The younger the age, the earlier the detection, the better the treatment effect. Treatment is more effective before age 6. 
If children can’t get effective treatment during the malleable period of their visual development, it will result in permanent visual impairment. 
Mydriatic optometry is a necessary step to determine the cause of abnormal vision, and to accurately detect the degrees of hyperopia, near-sightedness and astigmatism for children. Proper use of specialized medicine is harmless for children’s eyes and bodies. 
For children who need to wear glasses after mydriatic optometry, they should start wearing proper correction glasses as soon as possible to help improve eye focus. Correct eyewear will make their retinal images clear and improve their vision. 
If parents are unwilling to let children wear glasses for correction, it will delay the treatment and even affect visual development.
The precursor of myopia
The symptoms of myopia include blurry vision when looking at distant objects, the need to squint when looking at distant objects and rubbing the eyes more frequently.
Once you find abnormalities in the eyes of your children, you must take them to proper medical institutions for medical optometry and proper correction according to the doctor’s instructions.
After diagnosis of myopia
If diagnosed with myopia, you should slow down the progression as much as possible in order to avoid high myopia, vision impairment, blindness or other complications.
Do not put all the hope in laser eye surgery in adulthood. Laser eye surgery cannot reduce the complications of myopia. 
Myopia can’t be cured. Improper myopia correction may cause more serious harm to children.