Prevention tips for the elderly during COVID-19 | Updated: 2022-12-19
During the COVID-19, the elderly should take general protective measures such as wearing masks when going out, avoiding going to crowded places, maintaining a safe social distance, and keeping their hands clean. In addition, the elderly should pay special attention to the following:
1.The elderly who suffer from basic diseases and need to take medicine for a long time are not allowed to stop taking medicine without authorization. They can go to the nearby community health service institutions to get medications regularly, get long-term prescriptions after being evaluated by doctors to reduce the number of visits, or their families can get their medications on their behalf.
2. Reduce the times of going out. If they must go out, they should wear a mask properly and keep their hands clean.
3. Daily necessities should be used separately and not shared with others.
4. Open windows regularly for ventilation, exercise moderately, eat reasonably, live regularly and sleep well.
5. Pay attention to the information released by the government and authoritative media, and do not believe in or spread rumors.
6.Companions for the elderly should have their own health checked, and try to reduce going out.
7.Vaccination is effective in preventing severe cases. The elderly and other vulnerable people are prone to developing into severe cases, or even fatal ones, after being infected with the COVID-19. It is necessary for the elderly to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 as soon as possible.