Key information on tuberculosis prevention and control for schools | Updated: 2022-07-07
1.Tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease that seriously endangers people's health for a long time;
2.Tuberculosis is an airborne disease and anyone can be infected;
3.People who have coughing and expectoration for more than two weeks should be checked for tuberculosis at the hospital immediately;
4.Do not spit in public places, cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and wear a mask to reduce the spread of tuberculosis;
5.With standardized whole-process treatment, most tuberculosis patients can be cured and avoid infecting others;
6.Anyone who has similar symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis or is diagnosed with tuberculosis need to report those facts to the school, and should not hide the condition or attend classes leaving the disease untreated. They should also develop the habit of opening windows frequently for ventilation;
7.Students should have adequate sleep, a balanced diet, and enough physical exercise to improve resistance to tuberculosis.