COVID-19 health tips for sending and receiving delivery boxes | Updated: 2022-05-06
Tips for general public
1.Choose non-contact methods to send and receive delivery boxes.
2.Wash your hands with running water after removing the delivery wrapping.
3.Wear the mask and gloves and keep social distancing when picking up delivery boxes.
4.Package wrappings should not be brought into the room. When it is necessary to bring them in, disinfectant wipes can be used to clean them. 
Tips for deliverymen
1.Learn about the risk level of the area you are responsible for.
2.Check your personal protective equipment, including masks, gloves and hand disinfectants before working.
3.Try to choose non-contact methods, such as using intelligent mail & parcel lockers to send and receive delivery boxes.
4.Wear masks throughout your work. Quickly replace wet or dirty masks.
5.When taking an elevator, you should wear a mask and keep social distancing from others.