Tips for using humidifiers | Updated: 2023-02-24
Put purified water or distilled water into your humidifiers

Using purified water or distilled water for humidifiers will improve their efficiency and extend their life.
Do not use tap water, which contains a variety of minerals, including calcium and magnesium ions. The white powder formed by the combination of calcium and magnesium ions with carbonate ions will block the spray holes, and cause damage to the humidifiers. Chlorine ions and microorganisms in tap water may get into the air through the mist and cause pollution.

Clean your humidifiers regularly

Change the water in the humidifiers on a daily basis and thoroughly clean it every two weeks. Otherwise, the germs floating in the air with the water vapor will endanger your health.
If the water is not replaced for a long time, biofilms will form and bacteria will breed in the humidifiers. You should fill the water tanks of your humidifiers regularly with disinfectant with effective chlorine concentrations between  250mg/L and 500mg/L for a period of time and then wipe them gently.
The continuous use of humidifiers for long periods can increase the humidity in the room, but if the room humidity exceeds 65 percent, it may increase your risks of pneumonia and bronchitis.
People feel most comfortable when living in an environment with a relative humidity of 30-60 percent. The best way to use a humidifier is to turn off the humidifier for 10 to 20 minutes every two hours. If you smell any odor in the room, you should open the window for ventilation and then humidify the room again.

Use humidifiers at a proper distance
Keep the humidifiers away from heat sources, household appliances and furniture. Otherwise, accidental electric shock may occur. It is better to keep a distance of about 1 meter and place it on a stable surface 0.5 to 1.5 meters high from the ground. Do not use humidifiers in rooms with carpets to prevent the latter from absorbing water and breeding bacteria.

Do not add disinfectants to working humidifiers
The addition of disinfectants to working humidifiers may damage your health. As you breathe in and out, the disinfectants floating in the air can enter your respiratory tract and cause damage.
Adding essential oil or vinegar to humidifiers will irritate your respiratory tract and may lead to breathing difficulties.