What do healthy teeth look like?

chinacdc.cn | Updated: 2023-09-05
Misconception: The whiter the teeth, the healthier they are.
Healthy human teeth are milky white or pale yellow rather than pure white, and appear glossy. The color of teeth is jointly determined by the mineralization of the enamel on the outer layer and their dentin color. Low degree of enamel mineralization means poor transparency, and the yellow color of the dentin cannot go through, making the teeth appear whiter. On the other hand, if the enamel is highly mineralized and transparent, the dentin color will easily penetrate, making the teeth appear yellowish. Therefore, yellow teeth, which are disliked by most people, are actually normal.
If the teeth become discolored with a dull brownish-yellow or gray-black color, which are unpleasant to look and even cannot function properly, people shall visit a professional medical institution for further treatment. The dentist will adopt targeted methods in accordance with different causes of tooth discoloration to bring back the normal appearance of yellowed or darkened teeth.
However, the excessive pursuit of teeth whitening is not recommended. Teeth whitening, veneer restoration, crown restoration, and other treatment methods all have their own drawbacks and limitations.
If teeth discoloration is not caused by the teeth themselves and does not affect their function, then simple methods are enough - brushing teeth earnestly, having regular teeth cleaning, and maintaining oral health. After all, healthy teeth are the most beautiful teeth.

Conclusion: In terms of teeth, whiter is not always better. The color of normal teeth is not pure white but milky or pale yellow.