How to use air conditioners effectively in hot weather | Updated: 2022-07-15
How do air conditioners work?
An air conditioner is actually a “porter” of heat, which means that it delivers the surrounding heat to the outdoors, therefore the external unit of an air conditioner is especially hot.
The heat transported by the air conditioner is mainly divided into two types:
The heat emitted by indoor objects: the heat from your body and the heat from electrical appliances.
Outside heat entering the room: the hot air entering the room through a door or window.
Is it appropriate to turn on the air conditioner for a long period?
Take the inverter air conditioner as an example:
1.When the indoor temperature reaches the preset temperature for the air conditioner, the compressor will automatically stop working; the compressor will start again if the indoor temperature rises and exceeds that set figure. 
Turning on and off the air conditioner repeatedly is bad for the compressor. Therefore, keeping the air conditioner on all the time helps prolong the service life of the compressor.
2. If you only use the air conditioner at night, you can turn it on when you get home in the evening and turn it off at five or six o'clock the following morning. 
If there is someone at home all the time, it is recommended that the air conditioner be turned on  at noon and turned off at about two o'clock in the morning, with the window opened afterwards for ventilation. 
3. If you go out for only a short period of time (no more than an hour), you can leave the air conditioner on.
Cool mode and dry mode
An air conditioner consumes more electricity in cool mode, while it saves power in dry mode.
Cool mode refers to the continuous operation of the compressor and blower of the air conditioner until the indoor temperature reaches the preset temperature.
Dry mode means that the blower of the air conditioner keeps running at a low speed, while the compressor works intermittently to keep the room cool.
Although the dry mode is power-saving, it is difficult to maintain a cool room temperature during hot weather. Additionally, using the dry mode for a long time will reduce the service life of the compressor unless it is used during the rainy season.
Tips on using air conditioners for families with children
Children can't adapt to temperature changes well because of their thin skin and fast metabolism.  Therefore, the most suitable air conditioning temperature for them is 27-28 ℃.
When you get home from outside, you should open the windows first, turn on the air conditioner to circulate the air, and then close the windows to cool the room down. 
Pointing the air vents upwards can not only prevent children from being directly blown at, but also keep the room cool by neutralizing rising hot air.
Before going to bed at night, you can switch the air conditioner to sleep mode, which is quieter and power-saving.