Liu Jianjun | Updated: 2022-01-05
Deputy Director, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC)
Executive Dean, Graduate School of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) 
Liu has devoted himself to the research and practice of public health strategies, including health standards, tuberculosis prevention and control, agricultural injuries, health emergency support systems and technology transformation, among other areas. For his work, he was nationally honored as an exemplary individual. Liu is a recipient of the Government Special Allowance of the State Council, a reward for accomplished and highly skilled professionals.
Liu has undertaken over 20 national or international cooperative research projects, including "An Analysis of the Monitoring of Tuberculosis Prevention Control in China and Its Influencing Factors" and "A Study of China's Health Standards System". In addition to more than 10 monographs, he has published some 80 papers in domestic and international journals such as The Lancet, covering such matters as policy research on the establishment of healthy cities, the impact of urbanization on residents' health, and tuberculosis prevention and control strategies. Liu also sits on the boards of many professional associations and organizations in China, including the Chinese Antituberculosis Association, the China Preventive Medicine Association, and the National Health Standards Commission.